Full body well-being

Those who tend to their bodies, also tend to their souls. The massages in our SPA InterContinental offer exceptional relaxation for your body. Feel the relaxing touch from head to toe and let yourself go while we pamper you and relieve your tension.

Arrangement of appointments in-house or via telephone: +49 (0)30-2602-1351

We provide appointments every day from 10:00h until 21:00h:

Classic Full Body Massage

Get pampered from head to toe: muscle tension and blockages of the entire muscular system will be loosened and released, individual stretching and flexibility massage techniques bring your body into harmony and deep
50 Min: € 80,00 | 80 Min: € 120,00

Classic Part Body Massage

25 Min: € 50,00

Classic Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Essential oils will calm and relax body and mind. Their active ingredients will be absorbed via your skin, strengthen your organism and stimulate your well-being. The classical massage elements will release your muscles.
25 Min: € 55,00 | 50 Min: € 85,00 | 80 Min: € 130,00

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed basalt stones are laid across your body giving off their heat slowly. They are connecting various energy points resulting in a deep relaxation. In addition, this massage stimulates the lymphatic flow and frees the tissues
of toxins and waste products.
60 Min: € 110,00

Foot Reflexology Massage

Based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in your feet which correspond to glands, organs and systems of the body. The intense stimulation of these reflex points is positively affecting your organs and immune system resulting in refreshed well-being.
25 Min: € 50,00 | 50 Min: € 80,00

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